Linkspam, Q&A edition

First and foremost, have you seen Star Wars Uncut? If this clip is any indication, it’s going to be awesome.

And were you aware* that DARPA is now being run by Dr. Regina Dugan?  I had no idea.  She is the first woman to direct that organization.  I think I may have my front-runner for Ada Lovelace Day 2011.  Here she is on YouTube, speaking at the 40th anniversary of the internet celebration at UCLA.

Have I seen the new Doctor Who?  Why, yes!  Is it awesome?  Yes.  Will I tell you about it?  Definitely not until it airs in the US.

I followed this link from The Root, and I have to say, I have no idea what Erica Jong is on about either.  First she uses racist language and then remind us that racism still exists…wha?  All I know is, I want no part of this kind of  “irony,” intentional or not.  And what the fuck is a “Jewnitarian?”  Never mind, I think if someone explained it to me, I would have to be offended.

Finally, check out this awesome Geek Feminism post on maintaining our self-confidence.  Although specifically aimed at female geeks, this sounds like great advice for everyone.

* Shamelessly stolen Borrowed from America (The Book).

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